Karma Power

Ameeni is a brand new initiative plugged into Good Karma. We raise funds for truly effective charities that work for the good of us all, especially vulnerable families and innocent children.

Ameeni is an awesome blessing to humanity. We are plugged into a heavenly source and powered by Good.

This world is more spiritual than most know. You want good things in life. You want life to bring you prosperity in health, wealth, spirit, mind and soul. You want good success and unimaginable joy. You can usher heavenly blessings and good Karma your way by paying it forward - doing good. 

Ameeni is fertile ground for Good Karma. You reap what you sow. It's a natural law. A spiritual law. You sow good, you reap good. Sow into Ameeni and reap good blessings. 

You sow into Ameeni by using Ameeni. It's not just about making a sale. It's not just about finding a great bargain. It's not just about meeting your soul mate or that life changing angel investor on Pineapple. It's about you plugging into an initiative that not only blesses others but blesses YOU too.    

When we share the truth of this power with folks all over the globe, we sometimes encounter skepticism. Some do not believe, while others know and receive the truth. When you use Ameeni, good comes into your life. Period! No doubt about it. However, we do not pretend to possess the power to convince you without proof. 

The proof is in the pudding. Confirm or debunk it yourself - try it. Use Ameeni, as a seller, buyer, browser or just by referring us to family & friends. Use Ameeni and enjoy the good that flows into your life. But remember to let us know about all the good things that happen to you and remember to share with others too. smile

Ameeni is one of the best initiatives known to man. Little to no for-profit companies are powered by such awesome Good Karma. No other marketplace or mixer network can pull in so much love, wealth, good success, joy and awesomeness into your life.

Start the flow of Good Karma into your life now. Click on one of the three Ameeni channels below and prosper quickly in health, wealth and love:

  • Marketplace where you can make money and find great bargains
  • Pineapple a social and professional mixer
  • Funmi a web journal containing excerpts of my experiences from the island. Funmi also contains stickers, live phone backgrounds, hilarious ringtones and more

Wuts of Wuv,

- The Prince
( Read the back story of how I became The Prince! )